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Sneeze Glass Installation

Protecting our employees and customers has never been more critical, let us provide your business with CLEAR solutions:

As the areas largest, most trusted partner in the glass and plastics distribution channel, Harrison Glass Company is responding to the US Government's call for products used to assist in the reduction and spread of COVID-19.

Application Examples & Trusted Brands

  • Cashier barriers

  • Desk barriers

  • Intubation shields

  • Restaurant shields

  • Temporary walls

  • Optometry shields

  • Transportation shields

  • Face shields

  • Drive Through Windows

  • ​Checkout Lines

  • Sneeze Guards

  • Line Management

  • Polycarbonate Barriers

  • Brands:

  • Optix

  • Plexiglas

  • Tuffak

  • Vivak

  • Sintra

Custom Cutting & Fabrication Capabilities

  • Cut-to-size

  • CNC Routing

  • Printing

  • Die Cutting

  • Bending and forming

  • Kitting and packaging

  • Flame Polishing

  • Custom Packaging

As businesses contemplate the return of employees coming back to their  desk, many are considering large and small changes to the modern work place. Harrison Glass is helping to bring that atmosphere back by creating a safe and comfortable work place with its custom sneeze glass.
Harrison Glass Sneeze Guard 7.jpg
Harrison Glass Sneeze Guard 2.jpg
Harrison Glass Sneeze Guard 8.jpg
Harrison Glass Sneeze Guard 3.jpg
Harrison Glass Sneeze Guard 1.jpg
Harrison Glass Sneeze Guard 9.jpg
harrison glass sneez guard.jpg
Harrison Glass Sneeze Guard 5.jpg
Harrison Glass Sneeze Guard 4.jpg


 Broken glass repair from inclement weather or vandalism and theft is something that can't necessarily wait. Call our 24 hour replacement windows Harrison AR crew for professional replacement service and board-up services. 

Harrison Glass Sneeze Guard 6.jpg
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